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Brushing gets better when you hum

Meet hum - smart electric toothbrushes that guide you, time you, and remind you - helping you get into the rhythm of better brushing for cleaner smiles.

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    Artificial Intelligence toothbrush

    Discover E2! A new era in oral care.

    Kolibree develops smart and connected toothbrushes empowering adults and children to brush better and prevent dental issues.

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      Augmented Reality toothbrush

      hum Kids

      Great games lead to better habits with the hum kids toothbrush powered by Kolibree!


        Our vision

        At Kolibree, our goal is to give everyone the power to follow their brushing and improve daily oral hygiene. Because you deserve to smile, learn about good brushing habits with the most advanced technologies.

        In 2014, we started to improve global oral hygiene with an innovative connected solution. Since then, we developed even more proprietary technologies to provides a personalized, interactive tooth brushing experience for children and adults: to best understand their habits, users can engage with their dental hygienists and reinvent their family routine in new imaginative ways.

        As a key player in prevention, Kolibree collaborates in studies with world-leading professionals and academic organizations. And our partnerships with popular retail brands and insurers makes our technology available to all.

        Our milestones

        • 2014

          Creation of Kolibree

          Introduction the world first connected electric toothbrush at CES.

          Crowdfunding campaign succeeds.

        • 2015

          Kolibree v1

          Kolibree exhibits their first commercially available connected toothbrush.

        • 2016

          Rabbids Smart Brush

          Kolibree welcomes game developer Ubisoft and launch a new game.

        • 2017

          Kolibree Ara

          Kolibree introduces Ara, the first connected toothbrush with Artificial Intelligence, wins a CES Innovation Award (Honoree).

        • 2018


          Kolibree introduces Magik, the first kids toothbrush using Augmented Reality, wins a CES Innovation Award (Honoree).

          Powered by Kolibree

          Colgate launches the E1 smart toothbrush, powered by Kolibree, exclusively sold at Apple.

        • 2019

          M1, E2, and others

          Colgate launches the M1, the first smart manual toothbrush, and other brand-new toothbrushes powered by Kolibree.

        • 2020


          Colgate introduces Plaqless, the first-of-its-kind smart toothbrush that detects biofilm, powered by Kolibree, wins the Best Innovation Award, Health & Beauty.

        Our technology

        In our daily lives, brushing our teeth is an instinctive task that many carry out without realizing the costly impact of poor dental hygiene on our health. We reinvent oral care with data and technology eradicating preventable diseases such as cavities and periodontitis.

        Take control of your brushing time, by making it more efficient, getting real-time feedback and make your mouth clean and healthy following Dentist recommendations.

        Our developers are thrilled to use the latest and most advanced technologies, but also by constantly thinking out of the box for the best user experience. Our apps are showcased during the biggest events such as Apple WWDC, Google I/O or CES.

        Kolibree Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) embedded in all smart connected toothbrushes was improved with millions of sessions from all over the world. It can create personalized recommendations based on your unique brushing patterns.

        Powered by Kolibree toothbrushes precisely track all brushing movements and analyze it dozen of times per second. And, with the offline mode, our products are the only smart toothbrushes to give you detailed feedback without bringing your smartphone in the bathroom.

        For kids

        We believe that brushing our teeth should be fun from the youngest age, so we have created the 1st Augmented Reality toothbrush for Kids with a lot of fun and interactivity to improve their long-term dental health.

        Magik combines front camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and displays 3D effects on your device to create the most exciting experience.

        Discover Magik


        Kolibree has entered an exclusive licensing agreement with the oral health and dental care leader, Colgate®. The combination of their oral care expertise and Kolibree experience in connected health devices delivers a new health platform to track, monitor and assess oral health and a variety of products for the family.

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        Throughout the world, many children do not have access to basic dental care and lack the education needed to achieve a healthy smile. Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® has reached more than 1 billion children in 80 countries by offering free dental screenings and education. Healthy habits, self-esteem, and fun are the foundation for our curriculum. Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® donate a toothbrush to a child in need for every Magik brush sold.


        Kolibree is one subsidiary of Baracoda group where we create products and services that change health care, beauty and wellness. To achieve this goal, we are always looking for talented people.

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