At Kolibree we believe that smart connected objects truly have their place in our daily lives. More than just gadgets, they serve a vital role in raising awareness of the impact that our daily activities have on our health and guiding us to improve our behavior. Our mission is to create the interactions between users and connected objects which make the objects even more efficient.

In our daily lives, brushing our teeth is an instinctive moment, a task that many carry out without realizing the costly impact of poor dental hygiene on our health. Without mentioning kids, who are often less than motivated to brush their teeth.

At Kolibree, we want to give the consumer the chance to take control of brushing time, by making it more efficient and enjoyable. Efficient thanks to the best new technologies and enjoyable thanks to an entirely redesigned user experience which goes beyond the toothbrush itself.

This is the objective motivating the whole Kolibree team.

Prevention: Reinventing oral care with data and technology Eradicating preventable diseases such as cavities and periodontitis.

Education: Motivate children to brush properly through gaming Help adults to brush correctly and gain healthy oral care habits.

Fun: Learning how to brush through exciting gamification and proper reward mechanisms.

Accessible: Making the technology affordable to the public.